CertOne LLC was founded in 2019 in New Jersey (US) with a vision to build an open-standards based platform for issuing Instantly Verifiable Blockchain Secured Digital Records.

It has a presence in 3 continents and 7 countries, helping organizations issue with millions of documents being issued and verified instantly using cutting-edge Blockchain Technology to solve real problems of building trust in digital and transforming the world one document at a time.


Rajesh<br /> Ranjan


Founder & CEO

Leader and technology enthusiast having delivered innovation in large e-Commerce and Telco for more than two decades.

Multiple patent holder, strategic thinker and vastly experienced across depth and breadth of emerging technologies.

Currently immersed in building world-class products in Blockchain, De-Fi and Digital Transformation.

Pawan<br /> Khurana


Co-founder & COO

Business executive with 26 years of cross domain experience in leadership and management in IT industry.

Experienced in building enterprise and consumer IT services business as CEO for over a decade; delivering growth & transformation, building organizational capacity & culture, setting up offshore technology delivery.

Meenoy <br />Seesongkham


Development Lead

A software architect having expertise in developing solutions on React, React-native, Angular with Nodejs.

Passionate in creating solutions on emerging technology like blockchain with deep expertise in Ethereum and Bitcoin.